Carina Shoshtary


my name is Carina Shoshtary. I´m a maker of fine art jewellery of German and Iranian origin and a collector of colourful moments. In my blog I am providing an insight into my work­­1, sharing my thoughts on art, particularly art jewellery ­­2, on the ups of downs of being a (relativley) young artist3 and how I view this world full of colourful wonders4.

1 My work starts with an intuitive, experimental play with found materials that have attracted my curiosity, which usually come from my immediate surroundings.

In this process the material is being thoroughly transformed, the original source cannot be identified anymore, even though some major characteristics remain. Everyday images, thoughts and dreams are woven in naturally, as well as my own vision of a parallel nature. My jewellery pieces may appear like artifacts of a past civilization, fossils from another planet or the ornaments of fabled beings.

To view my work, please visit my website:


2 It is called art jewellery, contemporary jewellery, studio jewellery or author jewellery. All of these names hint at different aspects of more or less the same thing: Jewellery with an artistic expression.

Art jewellery is a small island in the art world ocean. Most, like myself, reach this island by accident. Making this field known to a wider audience is therfore still a missionary like commitment for all who are dedicated to it.

3 It took me a while to accept the fact that I was going to be an artist. The fear of a life with no security or regular income was, and is sometimes still, quite overwhelming, but I never regret my decision. I believe actually that I could not be something else.

4 I can enjoy a particularly beautiful colour or combination of colours as much as a delicious meal and experience life a great deal through these colours. Sometimes I even refer to my relationship with colour as a tick, because I can obsessively adore the right colour at the right place, likewise I can be quite repulsed by discovering a colour which seems totally wrong. Naturally this sensitive perception of colour is a big source of inspiration for my work too …